I use an RSS reader to gather and read about 40 different blogs. Every  time I go on to read my blogs, I feel like I find one or two more that are appealing. According to Mack Collier, “it’s been said that perhaps the best thing about social media is that it gives everyone a voice. It’s also been said that perhaps the worst thing about social media is that it gives everyone a voice” (Collier, 2009)

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there on millions of different topics. It can be difficult for bloggers to get their content to  the appropriate readers. Without conducting an expansive and time consuming search on the internet, it can be impossible for readers to find blogs that they are interested in.

Enter a new tool called Alltop, a website co-created by Will Mayall, Kathryn Henkens, and Guy Kawasaki in early 2008. Alltop aggregates and organizes content from around the Internet and wants to be known as an “online magazine rack” for users.

Not only is this a great breakthrough for blog readers, it can also be beneficial for marketers. Collier goes on to list eight ways that marketers can use this tool to their benefit:

1. Stay on top of  Industry news

2. Improve writing

3. Keep tabs on the competition

4. Improve your own blogging

5. Use it as a feed reader

6. Add your blog to generate traffic

7. Use it as a research tool

8. Use it as a source for your Tweets.

I added Alltop to my bookmarks and plan to use to it to add to my growing list of blogs.

Collier, M. (2009). Eight Ways Marketers Can Benefit From Using Alltop. Retrieved on December 27, 2009 from http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2009/3147/eight-ways-marketers-can-benefit-from-using-alltop